#TBT: Fort Tilden, 1962

From the Uncle box: Here are some of Jack O’Connor’s photos from when he was stationed at Fort Tilden, 1962. His story was that after he caused trouble in basic training at Fort Dix, NJ, his commanding officer said he going to send him “to the end of nowhere” as punishment.*

Jack liked to brag that he would go AWOL to get breakfast at home on Beach 91st.


*Grain of salt disclaimer: Uncle Jack was prone to hyperbole.



All photos ©narrowbackslacker.  

Ft.Tilden1962 1Ft.Tilden1962Uncle Jack-FT Tilden  1


Ft.Tilden1962 2

Bonus: Also 1962. I can’t tell where this was taken…. but I suspect it is also Ft. Tilden (and if not, it’s someplace else in Rockaway). Does anyone recognize the building in the background?

Ft.Tilden1962 3


2 thoughts on “#TBT: Fort Tilden, 1962

  1. Where would I find John now. We both were good friends in the MPs’ Security Division. I can tell you all about each Picture. #1,3 and 4 our Bunk. #2 with Dennis Yohn, long passed away.

    • I’m so sorry that I didn’t see this sooner (I’ve largely abandoned this blog). Uncle Jack passed away a few years back, at 62 years of age. He never left Rockaway. I’d love to share more photos with you. I’ll scan a few over the holdiays and reach out to you with a link to the files.

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